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Golf Saturday 22Jan

A 2 person Ambrose was played on Saturday to make way for Nagambie to host the first round of Summer pennant, 12 pairs of men and 2 pairs of women tackled the course in what only could be described as near perfect weather. The winning pair on the men's side with the amazing score of 64-4.25-59.75 net went to Jeremy Ezard and Shayne Kimball, at one stage during the round the fire brigade was nearly called to put out the fire that was Shayne Kimball game. Runners up paring the course with 72-5.75-66.25 were David Love and Shaun Bryant once again doing well to complete the course without choking one another, a top three finish went to the enthusiastic Michael Mensfeld and Daniel Hall proving they are on the march and ready to do big things. The best score for the women were Ronda Richards and Jill Rankin bashing there way to 90-13.5-76.5.

The nearest the pins went to Michael Mensfeld ripping it out over the trees and bringing it back to the green with precision on the 3rd, 'the bullet' Wayne Le Cerf with the crosshairs dialled in on the 13th and Terry Clonan taking home the 16th . Next weeks golf is a sponsoered event with the annual running of the 'Water Boy'Cup stableford will be played with Lindsay Hall on office duty and Wayne Le Cerf in the bar.

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